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Water Stores
Perhaps a dozen times a week, customers, businessmen, investors and even just out of curiosity, Water Station has been asked, how to go about building a water store. After all, it looks so easy--just sit back and watch hundreds of customers line up to fill up jugs of purified water, a casual conversation with customers, it looks so easy, or is it?

Water Station is not interested in developing a franchise arrangement for our stores. However, we can help you set up your very own water store.

Water Station can provide you with all water purification, dispensing, sanitizing  equipments you will need to open your own water store.

There are many ways to make a lot of mistakes quickly, easily and at great expense in this type of business. Water Stationís services include the ability to get to the right answers, the first time, in the shortest period of time, with the least expense.

The reasons for building a water store are certainly valid ones.  Years ago, you couldn't get anyone to give you a minute to discuss drinking water, with increased pollution and contamination problems, time certainly has changed. Now, you can't get people to stop talking about drinking water.

Important facts:

1. Practically everyone is concerned about the quality of drinking water his or her family is being subjected to at the kitchen tap.
2. People are tired and disturb about spending a lot of money for delivered bottled water, which the newspapers, TV and radio argue daily, is probably no better than tap water. On the other hand, the water store offers them fresh, high quality drinking water at a fraction of the price, much better water, in their own bottle (not someone else's), and as much as they want, at their convenience.
3. People are also tired of being pressured by the fast talking salesman with his
test kit ---selling some excellent water purification system, but requires a minimum of a second mortgage on their house just to afford the units.
4. The water store concept is tried and tested. Its performance in the retail marketplace has been proven nationwide. Water fits into that nutritional regimen very nicely.

Please click on the links located on the left side to give you an idea of what you need and what we can provide. Water Station will guide you in opening your own water store - - -
before, during & after.