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Water Station is a self-serve retail store, selling purified water by the litre. Customers can bring their own empty jugs or they can purchase our quality refillable bottles available at our store.

Our goal is to provide our community with the safest possible type of drinking water, at affordable price. We are using Reverse Osmosis to purify our water. We are equipped with the state of the art 7-Stage Water Purification System.

We are dispensing high quality drinking water for 20-70% less than local supermarkets, convenience stores or water delivery services.

At our store, you can view the purification process in action. We also use a bottle sterilizer to ensure that containers are sanitized before filling up.

For customer's convenience, our 24-hour water vending system is also available after business hours.

Behind our quality products and exceptional customer service, is our commitment to excellence and integrity.

Our interest and concern with the quality of drinking water is both personal and professional. It's not just our business. We believe that drinking purified water is the best possible solution to our drinking water problems.
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