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Article from The Brampton Guardian - Page 27

WATER STATION, on the north west corner of McLaughlin Road & Bovaird Drive West, has been open for just over 7 years and was voted "Best Purified Drinking Water" for four consecutive years by Readers Choice.

Close to 1,000 regular customers buy purified water at half the price of that found in grocery stores and water delivery services. Water Station also sells bottles, coolers, drinking water accessories, and water treatment products for your home.

Water Station uses reverse osmosis to remove over 99 per cent of contaminants from your water such as sand, silt, rust particles, unpleasant taste and odour, lead, copper, sodium, nitrates, radium, mineral salts, and bacteria, so all you’re left with is pleasant tasting water. “You can taste the difference because the water is so light” she said. The general manager, Tupas said 50 years ago, when the rain hits the ground you would have 100 per cent pure water – but not anymore.

Purified water is good for your health. It can be used for baby formulas, juices, low sodium and weight loss diets, pets, aquariums, photography, wine making, and it protects your appliances from damaging scale. Water is made fresh daily, right on the premises. Customers, 30 per cent of whom are referrals, also participate in the store’s loyalty points program. Water Station also offers prepaid water plan for added savings. For more information call 905-846-6789.

Brampton Guardian Article - Page 13

Customer Appreciation - Page 27

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